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The Chapter Advisor is often an individual who has some sort of relationship with many if not all members of the resident council. He is a mentor, advisor and friend. The BOG holds monthly meetings and BOG members should interact with their chapter counterpart more regularly, but the chapter advisor should be available more week to week or day to day for the general membership.

The Chapter Advisor is a part of the Board of Governors, not a “go-between” or a secondary party to advise the chapter. He or she simply has committed to be a more general advisor as well as being a more time intensive advisor than the rest of the Board of Governors.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Attends Board of Governors meetings.
  • Attends Resident Council meetings, at least one a month.
  • In conjunction with the Board of Governors, follows up on recommendations from the Domain Director, University and the Ewing T. Boles Executive Offices as well as reviews the chapter’s record for filing reports, making payments, and other related business with the Ewing T. Boles Executive Offices.
  • Provides continuity with the history and tradition of the group.
  • Contributes consistency to the chapter and establishes long-term guidance.
  • Acts as an advisor, teacher, counselor for the chapter and its members.
  • Supplies the organization with information, expert knowledge, and insight gained through experience.
  • Is familiar with Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity policies, procedures, and general information so as to serve as a resource to the undergraduate members. ++ Undergraduate Officer


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