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Introduction to the Office

As Chairman you have the responsibility to ensure the Board runs effectively. You should not feel as if you need to be involved in everything that happens, rather, your role is to facilitate an atmosphere where your body of advisors can effectively fulfill the expectations of their appointment. The most important role you will serve is to act as the connective link between the National Fraternity, through the Domain Director and Leadership Consultant, and the Chapter. You will often times be the only contact on particular issues, therefore, it is important for you to filter that information to the Board and chapter.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Organize and preside over monthly Board of Governors meetings. Develop agenda with the Resident Council President and mail with minutes of previous meeting to each member of the BOG.
  • Act as a Liaison with National Fraternity through the Domain Director, Graduate Council, Resident Council, School Administration, and the House Corporation.
  • Oversees all operations of the Board of Governors.
  • Works with the chapter to set up a banquet for graduating seniors to induct them into the Graduate Council using the ceremony found in the Ritual book.
  • Sets up an Educational Library/Technology Grant Fund for the chapter (contact the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation).
  • Encourage the Resident Council to devise long-range planning and follows through on all progress made.
  • Implements a fund-raising program utilizing the Brotherhood Loyalty Fund or a similar program (in conjunction with the Alumni Advisor.)
  • Recruits new BOG members as needed and instructs them on the duties of their position.
  • Contacts Greek Advisor or corresponding school official monthly.

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General BOG Resources

Risk Management

Housing Risk Management

Crisis Management

Chapter Operations Resources


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