Alumni Relations Advisor

Undergraduate Officer Overview

Alumni Officer Overview

Board of Governors

Introduction to the Office

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Works with vice president of alumni affairs to update alumni listing and produce quality alumni newsletters.
  • Establishes and maintains a planned giving programming for the chapter, with follow-up reminder letters on monetary pledges. (See Brotherhood Loyalty Plan.)
  • Provides job referrals and conducts networking— helps with career development for graduating seniors.
  • Establishes and maintains a functional Graduate Council and keep them updated on the progress of the chapter.
  • Establishes an Educational Library/Technology Grant Fund (the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation).
  • Welcomes new alumni into the Graduate Council and if possible help them make a transition into the working world by a mentor program.
  • Helps update alumni roster at the Executive Offices.
  • Establishes and maintains a Parents Club with the assistance of the VPAR.
  • Helps the chapter set up Homecoming and Founders’ Day, acting as a liaison with the alumni.
  • Works to set up an alumni club within the community or if one is already in operation encourage their participation in the chapter (contact the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation).
  • Encourages participation by area and chapter alumni with the National Philanthropy, the Hole in the Wall Gang. (Contact the Executive Offices for details.)

Undergraduate Officer

Vice President of Alumni Relations


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