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One of the most important tasks a new Board of Governors will undertake is drafting a set of operating procedures, or articles. A Board of Governors has the unusual role of being educator, advisor, supervisor, and friend to the men within the chapter with which it works. Because of the complexity of this body’s responsibility, it is important for the board to place a lot of thought into drafting its articles. Once written, this document will serve as the statement of purpose for the BOG and should clearly define the responsibilities, role, and authority of the Board of Governors. The articles will also give the members of the chapter a clear understanding of what a Board of Governors is, eliminating much of the clash that occurs in the absence of a clear definition of authority and expectations.

Included in this section is a set of suggested Articles of Operation. They are an example of a working set of Articles from one of our active chapters and should be used to give the Board an idea of what the document should encompass.

In drafting your articles of operation you should keep in mind the set of responsibilities prescribed by the National Constitution, as well as the officer descriptions and board responsibilities described in the other sections of this manual. Although there is room to tailor your board’s responsibilities to the chapter setting, there is a level of responsibility and authority prescribed by the National Fraternity, which is requisite.

Remember, without a clear definition of role and authority a Board of Governors is destined to operate below its potential.

Upon completion, the Board’s Articles of Operation must be submitted to the CEO of the National Fraternity for approval.

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