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The process for recruiting and developing a Board of Governors

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Recruitment of officers to serve on the Board of Governors should be a cooperative effort by the Graduate and Resident Councils, and will be influenced by the bylaws of the two bodies. One of these bodies shall nominate and elect the members of the Board of Governors, with selection subject to approval by the CEO.


  1. Inform the chapter’s Domain Director of your intention to form a Board of Governors, as it is his responsibility to ensure that each board is formed and continues to function effectively.
  2. Obtain the names and addresses of all Phi Kappa Tau alumni residing locally from the National Fraternity headquarters. Another source of names may be obtained from the University’s alumni relations division. Once received, these names should be compared to the chapter’s list of alumni for possible omissions.
  3. If the chapter has a functioning House Corporation or Graduate Council, solicit names of potential board members from them and make sure that they are included in the search. The domain director is also a valuable resource in locating alumni in the area who would make good board members. (Remember, members of the BOG need not be from your chapter, in fact every member does not even have to be a Phi Tau).
  4. Send a general mailing to all area alumni informing them of the board’s formation and the need for alumni involvement. The mailing should include a description of responsibilities and time investment, and a form or procedure for the alumnus to respond to the chapter.
  5. Send acknowledgement letters to those who respond, thanking the respondents for their interest in the chapter and the board. This will allow the opportunity to keep the interest alive in those interested, while you wait for more responses.
  6. Finally, set up and announce in a final letter when and where the first interest or organizational meeting will be held. Personal phone calls should also be made confirming attendance at the meeting.


The first meeting should be held at the chapter house or on campus. Either the Domain Director or a member of Headquarters Staff should attend the meeting, when possible. At this meeting you go over the structure and responsibilities of the Board of Governors; a final commitment should be elicited from those in attendance. The group should determine a regular meeting time and begin to explore the development of a set of Articles of Operation. It is also important to produce a contact list complete with work and home phone numbers, and email and mailing addresses.

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