First Organizational Meeting
Table of Contents

The following should be accomplished at the first meeting of a new Board of Governors:

  • Go over the structure of the National Fraternity (see flow chart) and explain the role of the National Fraternity (Convention) and National Council, the Executive Offices, Domain Director, and the Board of Governors in relation to the Chapter Executive Council and Resident Council.
  • Give a thorough explanation of the role and responsibilities of a Board of Governors. Go over Title V, Section 46 of the National Constitution.
  • Describe the individual responsibilities of each of the alumni advisors on the Board.
  • Establish a formal commitment from those in attendance to be involved on the Board.
  • Develop a contact list of those who will be on the board, include work and home phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses.
  • Have either the chapter Advisor, or the chapter President, give a state of the chapter report so that the new Governors.
  • Initiate the development of a set of articles of operation for the Board and go over this resource manual. When possible, this should always be done by the Domain Director or a member of the National Fraternity Staff.
  • Designate a Board Chair.
  • Allow for the selection of offices among the members of the new Board.
  • Establish a regular meeting day, time, and location.
  • Establish a regular meeting agenda, or determine the appropriateness of the sample agenda included in this manual.
  • Allow for discussion and questions by the new members of Board.

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