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General Job Description

  • Meets monthly to review chapter operations—major areas of concern should be recruitment, membership orientation, finances, scholarship, employees, alumni relations, risk mgmt. compliance, and general image. (See agenda for meetings.)
  • Works with the House Corporation to make recommendations concerning rent, inspections, etc. (See House Corporation Responsibilities).
  • Hears appeals of disciplinary decisions, financial delinquency, and membership status (See National Constitution as well as Chapter Bylaws).
  • Makes sure the Resident Council meets Basic Chapter Expectations, follows the National Fraternity rules as set forth in the Constitution and Ritual, Risk Management, University code, etc.
  • Hires and fires Resident Council employees such as cooks and is responsible for payment of FICA, withholding and unemployment taxes, and filing of the IRS 990 tax form for the chapter. (See House Corporation Responsibilities.)
  • Coordinates repairs and improvements to the house with the House Corporation.
  • Makes sure the chapter uses and follows the proper Ritual procedure both as it relates to the conduct of the chapter meeting and the initiation ceremony.
  • At monthly meetings, reviews all communications with the Executive Offices and/or alumni to ensure follow-up if necessary.
  • Works with the domain director in setting up Do-main Conferences.
  • Files Graduate Council report with the Executive Offices.
  • Attends National Convention and/or Leadership Academy.
  • Encourages Resident and Graduate Council participation in the National Philanthropy (Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camps).

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