Building A Tradition Of Loyal Alumni Support
Table of Contents
Make alumni feel welcome.
In two ways: while they are visiting the chapter house and when they receive communication from the chapter. Never ignore an alumnus when they are visiting. Send courteous invitations to all alumni events at least 6 weeks in advance of the date and encourage the alumni to return an RSVP.
Make alumni feel needed.
There are small tasks and committee assignments, which could be made more important by asking an alumnus.
Invite alumni to your meetings, chapter functions, and Ritual.
Know a lot about your alumni.
All alumni are important to the chapter. The more you know the better.
Keep the alumni informed about each other’s activities.
Use at least 70% of the newsletter for alumni news and updates. Answer every inquiry, specifically pertaining to a classmate’s current address.
Keep your mailing list in good order.
Set up your mailing system so that all incorrect addresses are returned to the chapter house and send any updates to the Executive Offices.
Educate the undergraduate members to become loyal alumni.
A departing senior banquet involving the Graduate Initiation Ceremony is a good idea.
When asking for financial support
Be sure the funds are for something the alumni will want to provide.
Understand the alumnus viewpoint.
Alumni have many interests other than Phi Tau. Be happy with an occasional expression of interest. Encourage this additional interest through your Graduate Council or a geographic alumni club and you will build a tradition of loyal alumni participation.

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