Basic Alumni Programming

Your chapter’s alumni programming, in layman’s terms, is simply the overall alumni events and correspondence of the chapter. Consider the current status in this area. What is being done? What improvements should or could be made? What preparations have been made to carry out the plan? With a strong, year-round alumni program, the chapter can build healthy relationships that benefit both undergraduate and alumni brothers.

Elements of an outstanding alumni relations program

Include a top-notch, alumni-friendly newsletter published regularly, announcements and notices keeping alumni informed of special events, personal acknowledgements, and follow-up correspondence.
Alumni/chapter-sponsored activities
Schedule events for all chapter alumni and local alumni (regardless of chapter affiliation) throughout the year.
Alumni volunteer structure
Maintain an active Board of Governors, House Corporation, and Graduate Council, with regular meetings for input and participation.
Alumni fundraising
Conduct a well-organized, annual campaign, led by alumni with the chapter’s aid. Try to create an alumni relations program that pays for itself.
Updated alumni information
This should include updated addresses phone numbers, and emails sent to the Executive Offices and biographical information from alumni, and possibly an alumni directory.

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