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The Laurel

As you know, The Laurel of Phi Kappa Tau is the quarterly magazine of the Fraternity and is sent to all members. Alumni often write to the Executive Offices to ask why their chapter’s letter was not printed in the magazine. Invariably, the alumnus is told that his chapter did not send in an article or that it was too late to be included.

The one section of The Laurel that your alumni will always read is the "On Campus" section to see what the news is from your chapter. If there is no article there, if it is poorly written, or contains trivial news about chapter social events, you will have lost a good measure of that alumnus’ confidence. You should make sure that your chapter submits a well-written chapter report that will be of interest to your alumni and to other chapters. The same rules that apply to the content of your chapter’s newsletter apply to The Laurel report.

You should look at The Laurel as an alumni newsletter provided to you by the Fraternity. Take full advantage of its power to reach your alumni and drive home your message. If you have any questions concerning The Laurel of Phi Kappa Tau, please contact the communications department at the Executive Offices.

Graduate Initiation

Contrary to popular belief, Phi Tau chapters may initiate men like their fathers, professors, or community leaders as graduate brothers. According to the National Constitution, graduate membership may be bestowed on a man who is not eligible for resident council membership and who is not a member of another general college fraternity. In other words if a member’s father, older brother, faculty advisor, or another man who may be a great asset to the Fraternity, initiate him! Some of the most notable alumni in the Greek community have been honorary graduate initiates. In order to bestow full Phi Kappa Tau membership to such a man, a chapter must request and receive permission from the Chief Executive Officer before doing so. A fee of $50 is also required. For more information about honorary membership in the Fraternity, please contact the Executive Offices.

Labels and Contact Information

The Executive Offices are constantly updating the list of current addresses of all Phi Tau alumni. Chapter or geographic area listings of alumni can be offered to chapters either in the form of self-adhesive mailing labels, which are simply peeled off and placed on your envelopes, excel files, or directories, which you can use as a ready reference. For example, you can get either a list of all Phi Taus from all chapters in your area or any given geographical area, or you can get a listing of all members of your chapter in any geographical area.

Membership records available to your chapter include:

  • Self-adhesive mailing labels (3 cents a piece)
  • Chapter directory listing all alumni of your chapter in alphabetical order
  • Lost and deceased members directory

Any additional labels or specialized directories your chapter might require are available as well. Be sure to make your request or place your order well in advance of the date you need the labels or directories.

Alumni Clubs

A Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Club exists to promote Phi Tau brotherhood by providing an outlet for casual alumni interaction. Alumni clubs allow the opportunity for Phi Taus to continue to benefit from their membership in the Fraternity through fellowship, networking, social engagements, philanthropic work, and a variety of other potential interactions. Alumni commitment to a club is voluntary in nature. Therefore, most alumni clubs have a diverse mix of men representing different chapters, ages, professions, and levels of commitment.

Alumni in Your Area

Many chapters are located near an urban area that has a Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Club. If you have an alumni club nearby, you will want to give your fullest cooperation to its president. They may ask you to be their guest from time to time at a luncheon or dinner and, if asked, you should be ready to give an oral report of chapter activity. Depending on your local situation, you may want to work out jointly sponsored alumni functions, since both your undergraduate chapter and the alumni club have some similar interest. If there is currently no active alumni club in your area and, you feel there is sufficient interest, you and your chapter may want to spearhead an effort to start such a group. Remember that a Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Club is for all Phi Tau alumni, not just those of a particular chapter. However, if your chapter gets the ball rolling, and a large number of your chapter’s alumni are involved, your own chapter may become the focal point of the alumni chapter’s activities. This could reap benefits for your chapter in the forms of direct alumni assistance, recruitment recommendations, and alumni sponsored functions. You can see a current list of Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Clubs and Interest Groups by visiting Phi Kappa Tau online at If you have further questions regarding alumni clubs, please contact the Executive Offices.

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