Scholarship Programming Ideas

Scholarship in Chapter Meetings

  • Sit in scholastic order once a month
  • Offer a vocabulary word of the week
  • Give reminders of final course drop dates, registration dates, etc.
  • Make weekly announcements of educational and career development opportunities on campus and in the community
  • Ask members to answer to roll call with the number of classes they cut the previous week
  • Announce job offers, admissions into graduate schools, Who’s Who induction, Phi Beta Kappa induction, and honoraries

Scholarship in Recruitment

  • Display chapter/individual scholarship trophies and awards in a ‘high-traffic’ area
  • Display bulletin boards with scholarship information


*Chart the progress of the chapter average, the associate average, and the initiated member average over the past four years.

  • Compare your chapter average to other chapters on campus
  • Show how your chapter compares to other chapters of Phi Kappa Tau

Bulletin Boards

  • Create a Brag Board where members post papers and exams with high scores
  • Create an “I need help sheet” for members who need help in a particular subject
  • Create an “I can help sheet” for members who want to assist other members
  • List chapter or individual study halls and quiet hours
  • Create a Career Board
    • Visit your Career Center on campus for information to put on this board

Study Areas

* If you do not have adequate study facilities in the chapter house or hall, reserve a room in the campus library or in a meeting room or academic building.

Quiet Hours

  • Develop Sunday – Thursday quiet hours in chapter house
  • Develop 24-hour quiet hours during mid-terms, the week before finals, and during finals week
  • Have roommates rotate as quiet hour monitors
  • Give each member living in the house ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs for their doors, to use while studying


  • Challenge each member to raise his GPA .1 each term
  • Have one class challenge another each term, with the losing class serving the winning class dinner
  • Have Big-Bro/ Little Bro competitions
  • Give members “Class Progress Sheets” for recording their assignments, quiz, and test scores

Useful Files and Library

*List of chapter members and their majors

  • Stock files with notes, papers, and exams from members at the end of each term
  • Include books on study techniques and study aids in the chapter’s library
  • Maintain a professor/ course evaluation file
  • Maintain a file of current and alumni members and their majors (for use in finding tutors for members in need)
  • Include Graduate school catalogs in library
  • Include Graduate school exam booklets and study guides in library
  • Include a copy of the University’s schedule of classes in the library each term

Guest Speakers

  • Campus librarian
  • Career Center personnel or visiting representative from businesses
  • Administration officials from the University
  • Alumni on the University faculty
  • Prominent and successful alumni in the area

Workshop and Seminar Topics

  • How to Study
  • University policy regarding academic probation and disqualification and the resources available for help
  • The Chapter Scholarship Program and chapter and National scholarship requirements
  • How to provide an atmosphere in the chapter house that promotes academic achievement
  • Exam taking and how to approach the essay vs. the objective exams
  • Time Management
  • Determining your career path/ goals
  • Deciding on Graduate School – Do I want to go? Where and how to apply
  • Resume writing
  • How to dress for success and other interview tips
  • Etiquette for communicating in a professional environment
  • Setting Goals

Recognition and awards

  • Take every opportunity to recognize your achievers and achievements in The Laurel, Phi Tau Planner, community paper, campus or Greek newspaper, and your chapter newsletter
  • Send recognition letters to parents of excelling members
  • Recognize Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, honorary organization, and Dean’s List
  • Recognize 4.0’s and/or highest GPA in the chapter, or perhaps in each associate class
  • Offer scholarships or a credit of dues to the chapter members as an incentive
  • Have members sign a scholarship contract at the beginning of each term that explains their understanding of the chapter’s scholarship program and their commitment to strong academic performance

Scholarship for Associate Members

  • Have a library/ study night at least once a week
  • Take Associates on a tour of the library
  • Have the Associate class elect a rep to serve on the chapter scholarship committee
  • Assign a mentor or study partner to each associate member, preferably an active member in the same major

Hold Members Accountable to Chapter Standards

  • Suspend members who do not meet the ‘All Men’s Average’ on campus
  • Offer a tiered dues schedule, depending on GPA from previous term
  • Turn problematic members over to the BOG to explain and discuss their future in the chapter (utilize the BOG in holding members accountable to the chapter standards)

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